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Complete extraction of receipts
Proactive customer care and management
Easy document exchange
Scaling possibilities
Customer processes
Guaranteed data security

Document recognition

Accounting documents are extracted entirely and in high resolution. No more typing mistakes while manually extracting document data.

  • Document type recognition
  • No manual transcriptions of documents
  • Complete document extraction

Document archive

Accounto takes care of the digital, systematic storage of your receipts. All receipts are digitized on a daily basis and stored in an audit-proof manner.

  • Intelligent full-text search
  • Daily updated documents
  • Audit-proof storage

Document exchange

A physical transfer and the tedious sorting of documents is no longer necessary. You will receive your customers’ receipts digitally and can actively request missing receipts via our platform.

  • no constraints concerning time & place
  • No sorting of documents needed
  • Contextual communication

Task management

Simplify collaboration with your customers by using digital to-do lists. This way, you can keep track of all work, deadlines and dependencies.

  • Design your individual To-Do lists
  • Shared use of individual To-Do lists
  • Uniform communication via one plattform only

Chances and risk management

The Chances and risk management tool enables you to proactively identify potential opportunities and risks of your customers at an early stage.

  • Set trigger events (e.g. liquidity) of which you would like to be informed early
  • Individual and proactive customer consulting
  • Create added value thanks to data-driven customer management

Deadline management

With our deadline management tool, you will never lose track of relevant dates, such as the due date for VAT.

  • Automatic tracking of deadlines, such as VAT
  • Define your own deadlines and dates
  • Automatic notifications

Client administration

Manage your customers digitally in one place. By getting daily updates of your customer base, keeping up with your customers gets much easier.

  • Digital client management
  • All client information at a glance
  • Daily updated status of your client base

Simplify tracking your time

Record your hours worked for each client and simply create invoices with one click.

  • Intuitive time recording
  • Direct import of billed hours
  • Customization of invoices

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