Prepare customer accounts digitally, accurately and in record time.

Accounting journal

The automatically booked business cases appear in the journal, to which Accounto automatically assigns the receipts. Of course, you retain the option to manually add additional bookings.

  • Customizable SME account framework for specific customer needs
  • Limitation of journal entries according to desired perio
  • Preparation of the account sheets incl. integrated search function
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Payroll accounting

With targeted automation – yet with maximum flexibility – Accounto enables you to carry out efficient as well as customized payroll runs. From master data maintenance to wage payment, everything is done with just a few clicks.

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to schedulable wage settings and adjustments
  • Provisional wage runs for all entitled persons of a period
  • Direct transmission of payrolls to the employee portal

Closing help

With Accounto you create monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements effectively and efficiently. The closing tool guides you through the closing process in a structured way and ensures clear responsibilities.

  • Design individual closing processes per client
  • Recording and internal assignment of open tasks
  • Always keep an eye on the task status with the three-level traffic light system
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The daily updated data from financial accounting can be further processed with just a few clicks. This allows you, for example, to create a balance sheet and income statement within a very short time.

  • Export balance sheet and income statement to read-only PDF/A format
  • Ongoing real-time data for flexible ad-hoc evaluations
  • Cash flow statement and other analysis tools coming soon
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VAT module

With Accounto, you can complete the VAT declarations for your clients exact and in record time. Since the module is directly linked to financial accounting, you no longer need the physical VAT form and Excel-based reconciliation.

  • Compatible with all accounting methods
  • Integrated VAT reconciliation assistance tool
  • Direct submission of the VAT declaration to the FTA

Additional modules

Thanks to state-of-the-art software technology, expensive and time-consuming updates are a thing of the past. Accounto continuously releases new modules that further simplify your everyday fiduciary work.

  • Reporting module for mandate-specific financial analyses at the push of a button
  • Collection module for the management of clients’ accounts receivable
  • Many other functionalities without hidden additional costs
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Accounto vous libère complètement, vous et vos clients, de toutes les tâches comptables. Pour mieux comprendre comment nous procédons, il vous suffit de vous inscrire à la version d’essai et de vous en rendre compte par vous-même. Pour que les week-ends libres et les soirées agréables soient programmés pour vous aussi !

Avec Accounto, tu peux
  • Archiver les pièces comptables numériquement
  • Payer les factures
  • Créer des factures
  • Gérer les note de frais
  • Décompte des salaires
  • Gérer les données de base du personnel
  • Gérer les tâches
  • Comptabiliser les pièces comptables de façon automatisée
  • Rapprocher les transactions bancaires de manière automatisée
  • Créer des rapports financiers
  • Établir des budgets