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For Advisors

Digitize document processing and optimize client management so that you can focus on consulting activities.

For SMEs

Effortless accounting – cooperate with your advisor so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Administration done instantly
Automatic recognition of all documents
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Finding documents within seconds
Digital collaboration
Audit-compliant archiving

How it works

Accounto drastically simplifies the cooperation between SMEs and trust companies. SMEs upload their receipts to Accounto. The sent documents are automatically classified and assigned. Both SMEs and advisors have access to the documents at any time and can work together intuitively and optimally via our platform, where everything is stored audit-proof

Accounto Partner

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About us

Considerable coordination effort is needed to transfer business documents, locate missing receipts, and make numerous telephone calls concerning the correct booking of receipts. The cooperation between SMEs and advisors used to be complex and complicated. At Accounto, we are now working to further simplify this cooperation for all parties involved.

With our innovative software products, we reduce complexity and introduce the fiduciary industry into the digital age. We make existing processes more effective and efficient and simplify cooperation. This makes advisors fit for the future and allows SMEs to focus on their core business.

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