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What are the advantages of an AI-based software for trustees?

Automation, efficiency and much more.

AI-powered software for trustees offers many benefits, including:

– Automation of routine tasks: AI systems can automate tasks such as processing data, generating reports and monitoring compliance requirements, thus saving time and resources.
– Improved accuracy: AI systems can process data faster and more accurately than humans, reducing the likelihood of errors.
– Increased efficiency: AI systems can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, which speeds up workflows and increases productivity.
– Detection of patterns and trends: AI systems can quickly analyse large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends that can be of great use to trustees to identify potential risks and opportunities.
– Decision support: AI systems can help trustees make decisions based on data rather than intuition or experience.

What technology does Accounto rely on?

Accounto relies on the SaaS approach.

Accounto uses the SaaS approach (Software as a Service), which can be classified as cloud computing. With SaaS, users no longer have to install the provided software locally, but can access it directly via internet browser.

With SaaS, there are no installation costs or licence fees. Consequently, with Accounto you can add employees quickly and easily without incurring any costs. If you need more users, simply contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Another great advantage of SaaS products is that changes or new functionalities to the product can be integrated quickly and you always benefit immediately from the latest updates.

How many employees can work on Accounto at the same time?

As many employees as you wish.

The choice of the right software package depends on the number of users. That is, the number of people who actively use Accounto to, for example, make payments, write invoices or do the payroll.

At the same time, you can give as many employees as you like access to Accounto without additional costs, so that they can record expenses and maintain their personnel data.

I would like to work with Accounto, but I would also like to have a trustee. What can I do?

We will be happy to support you in your search.

If you do not yet have a fiduciary company on your side, Accounto will find the most suitable fiduciary professional in your area for you free of charge.

Do I have to change my current trust company to work with Accounto?

In principle, the trust company must use Accounto

If you already have a trustee, please contact us. Accounto will take the necessary steps so that you can soon work with your fiduciary company via Accounto.

Can I use Accounto as an SME without a trustee?

No only together with fiduciary professionals.

Accounto can only be used in cooperation with a fiduciary company.

However, your fiduciary costs are reduced with Accounto, as the system accounts for all documents fully automatically. This means that your trustee and you only have to take care of the tasks that require professional expertise and can thus make better use of valuable time.

Is Accounto an ERP system?

No, Accounto is a cloud solution.

Classical ERP systems pursue a clear goal: the entrepreneur takes care of the administration and accounting himself. However, this costs a lot of time, which SMEs would do better to invest in their core business.

Accounto relieves SMEs of the time-consuming and repetitive back-breaking work and handles the ongoing accounting fully automatically with the help of artificial intelligence.

For which SMEs is Accounto suitable?

SMEs with 1-19 employees.

Accounto is also suitable for SMEs that only require financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Are further functionalities planned for the future?

Currently, the focus is on a start-up module.

Accounto is constantly being further developed, and you can also actively contribute any wishes you may have. In addition to the business start-up module, Accounto is planning the integration of digital notary services or legal advice as the next big step. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, simply subscribe to our newsletter.

Can data be exported from Accounto?

Yes, partly.

Data such as journals or financial statements can currently be conveniently exported as PDF-A. A possibility for exporting in Excel format is currently being developed.

Is my data safe with Accounto? Where is the data stored?

Accounto works with a Swiss cloud solution.

Thus, the data is kept in Switzerland and secured in a Tier 3 data centre, which corresponds to a high security standard. A Tier 3 data centre has several paths for power supply and cooling, as well as systems for updating and maintenance work that can be carried out during operation. The expected availability is 99.98%.

How regularly do updates appear and what do they cost?

You benefit from free innovations regularly.

A major advantage of SaaS products is that changes or new functionalities can be quickly integrated into the product and do not require specific update dates. You thus benefit continuously from the addition of new modules, whereby no additional costs are incurred as a result.

What are the installation costs and licence fees?

There are no expensive costs or fees.

With SaaS, and therefore Accounto, there are no expensive installation costs or licence fees. Consequently, with Accounto you can add employees quickly and easily without incurring any costs.

Is the support free of charge?

Each business pays a monthly fee.

The support and support agreement is defined based on your needs and charged accordingly as a flat rate.

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Accounto vous libère complètement, vous et vos clients, de toutes les tâches comptables. Pour mieux comprendre comment nous procédons, il vous suffit de vous inscrire à la version d’essai et de vous en rendre compte par vous-même. Pour que les week-ends libres et les soirées agréables soient programmés pour vous aussi !

Avec Accounto, tu peux
  • Archiver les pièces comptables numériquement
  • Payer les factures
  • Créer des factures
  • Gérer les note de frais
  • Décompte des salaires
  • Gérer les données de base du personnel
  • Gérer les tâches
  • Comptabiliser les pièces comptables de façon automatisée
  • Rapprocher les transactions bancaires de manière automatisée
  • Créer des rapports financiers
  • Établir des budgets