The online advisor-suite to take your business model to the digital age.

Complete extraction
of receipts

Proactive customer care and management

Easy document

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Optimal Customer

Guaranteed data

Document recognition

Accounting documents are extracted entirely and in high resolution. No more typing mistakes while manually extracting document data.

  • Document type recognition
  • No manual transcriptions of documents
  • Complete document extraction
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Document archive

Accounto takes care of the digital, systematic storage of your receipts. All receipts are digitized on a daily basis and stored in an audit-proof manner.

  • Intelligent full-text search
  • Daily updated documents
  • Audit-proof storage
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Document exchange

A physical transfer and the tedious sorting of documents is no longer necessary. You will receive your customers’ receipts digitally and can actively request missing receipts via our platform.

  • No constraints concerning time & place
  • No sorting of documents needed
  • Contextual communication
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Task management

Simplify collaboration with your customers by using digital to-do lists. This way, you can keep track of all work, deadlines and dependencies.

  • Design your individual To-Do lists
  • Shared use of individual To-Do lists
  • Uniform communication via one plattform only
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Chances and risk management

The Chances and risk management tool enables you to proactively identify potential opportunities and risks of your customers at an early stage.

  • Set trigger events (e.g. liquidity) of which you would like to be informed early
  • Individual and proactive customer consulting
  • Create added value thanks to data-driven customer management
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Deadline management

With our deadline management tool, you will never lose track of relevant dates, such as the due date for VAT.

  • Automatic tracking of deadlines, such as VAT
  • Define your own deadlines and dates
  • Automatic notifications
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Client administration

Manage your customers digitally in one place. By getting daily updates of your customer base, keeping up with your customers gets much easier.

  • Digital client management
  • All client information at a glance
  • Daily updated status of your client base
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Simplify tracking your time

Record your hours worked for each client and simply create invoices with one click.

  • Intuitive time recording
  • Direct import of billed hours
  • Customization of invoices
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Accounto vous libère complètement, vous et vos clients, de toutes les tâches comptables. Pour mieux comprendre comment nous procédons, il vous suffit de vous inscrire à la version d’essai et de vous en rendre compte par vous-même. Pour que les week-ends libres et les soirées agréables soient programmés pour vous aussi !

Avec Accounto, tu peux
  • Archiver les pièces comptables numériquement
  • Payer les factures
  • Créer des factures
  • Gérer les note de frais
  • Décompte des salaires
  • Gérer les données de base du personnel
  • Gérer les tâches
  • Comptabiliser les pièces comptables de façon automatisée
  • Rapprocher les transactions bancaires de manière automatisée
  • Créer des rapports financiers
  • Établir des budgets