How Accounto works

Accounto not only provides you with all the familiar accounting modules, but it also eliminates all repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as document extraction, document posting or reconciliation of journal and sub-ledgers.

In addition to this everyday relief, Accounto is constantly developing new innovative modules that support you in making the consulting of your customers even more efficient and easier.

We’ll show you how that works here.

Intelligent document processing

Accounto’s innovative machine learning technology extracts all receipt information (e.g. address and payment data) automatically. This completely eliminates the time-consuming need for you to manually type in customer receipts.

  • Fast and customer-friendly delivery of receipts
  • Machine-learning based OCR solution for flexible and high-quality document extraction
  • Extraction of all document types and relevant information
Screenshot zeigt, wie Accounto einen Beleg vollständig extrahiert.

Automatic accounting

Accounto generates automatic accounting entries for the extracted documents, enabling you to outsource time-consuming tasks. From journal entries to sub-ledger reconciliations, everything is done completely autonomously according to the highest quality standards.

  • Automatic journal entries and sub-ledger reconciliations
  • Escalation options and definition of posting rules
  • Internal quality check of generated posting records
Das Bild stellt einen Buchungssatz dar, den die Maschine von Accounto automatisch generierte.

Accounting modules

The integrated FIBU module allows you to process the posted customer documents optimally and with ease. Create financial statements, VAT statements and other evaluations in record time and outstanding quality.

  • Fast and first-class analyses at the touch of a button
  • Targeted support for the preparation of financial statements
  • Ongoing development of further modules
Der Screenshot visualisiert das integrierte FIBU-Modul von Accounto

Mandate management

With Accounto, you don’t need an additional CRM solution. From address management to time recording, everything is located digitally and centrally in one place. This saves time and simplifies your customer care.

  • Daily updated report on the customer base
  • Customer information at a glance
  • Time recording and invoicing from a single source
Der Screenshot bildet das CRM-Mo

Customer Experience

Work more effectively and efficiently with your SME clientele. With Accounto, you create a digital customer experience with a personal touch. You’ll create even more wow moments while ensuring lasting customer loyalty.

  • Digital lists for optimal task coordination
  • Important dates and deadlines always in view
  • Individual and proactive customer service
Der Screenshot bildet das CRM-Mo
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Accounto vous libère complètement, vous et vos clients, de toutes les tâches comptables. Pour mieux comprendre comment nous procédons, il vous suffit de vous inscrire à la version d’essai et de vous en rendre compte par vous-même. Pour que les week-ends libres et les soirées agréables soient programmés pour vous aussi !

Avec Accounto, tu peux
  • Archiver les pièces comptables numériquement
  • Payer les factures
  • Créer des factures
  • Gérer les note de frais
  • Décompte des salaires
  • Gérer les données de base du personnel
  • Gérer les tâches
  • Comptabiliser les pièces comptables de façon automatisée
  • Rapprocher les transactions bancaires de manière automatisée
  • Créer des rapports financiers
  • Établir des budgets